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the movie highlining california

Produced and directed by : Julien Desforges and Dhanaé Audet-Beaulieu
Length : 52 minutes
Language :
English with french subtitles

Music by :
Joseph Arsenault-Ruel Website Soundcloud
Les Limaces Soundcloud Facebook Myspace
Vincent Gauvin Soundcloud Facebook
Julien Desforges Website


Highlining was first seen in 1984, in Yosemite National Park, California, only a couple years after slacklining itself was discovered in the same park. It is one of the most in depth form of balance training. It teaches us to release tensions and negative energies caused by the stressful lifestyle of our modern society. It really is a form of meditation for those who practice it.

During summer of 2009, a group of five young slackliners met in California for 36 days to discover some of the greatest lines in the history of highlining. Other than simply having fun, their goal was to benefit from the goodness of such an intense training to become better humans and way more experienced slackliners. On their journey, they rigged and walked a total of 12 highlines, 5 longlines and more than 20 other slacklines. From Yosemite to San Francisco, Jerry, Pierre, Eric, Julien and Dhanaé travelled through fear and beauty to the point where their life is now changed forever.

This film is dedicated to the goodness and strengh that highlining brings to our lives.


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